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Battersea Site B Offices

This conversion of a Victorian warehouse respects and enhances it?s existing industrial spirit and materiality and adds a new layer of history reflecting new uses.

Management offices and meeting rooms are formed with simple projecting ?portals? extending into the central circulation space, respecting the exposed concrete structural frame of the existing building which is highlighted with feature lighting. Maximising the use of full height glazed screen walls allows natural light to penetrate deep into the heart of the building, while the etched graphics provide a suitable level of privacy for the occupants.

Dramatic views of the existing power station have been visually framed by enlarging the existing gable end window openings to form glazed doorways opening on to new projecting balconies.

The existing industrial lift is given a new focus as the communicating element at the heart of the building. A vertical shaft has been carved out through the existing concrete floors emphasised with new translucent bridges and bold lighting design. A dramatic intervention that visually links the various floor levels and aids communication and interaction of the occupants.
Completed November 2002.

2 Whitehorse Yard, 78 Liverpool Road, London, N1 0QD