Lawrence King architects architecture and design
Cambridge Arts Theatre  
Community Focus, London  
RSC, Stratford-upon-Avon.  
Sittingbourne Cultural Centre competition  
Belgrade B2 Studio Theatre, Coventry  
Bishop David Brown School, Woking  
Regent Theatre, Ipswich  
George Green's School Theatre, London  

Sittingbourne Cultural Centre competition

The Cultural Centre is not a building. It is a hub that provides a vital service and thus energises the life of the community. It has a presence in the urban context but fundamentally opens itself by it?s transparency and flexibility. The form is simple and democratic. A ?tower of light? is created by the solid vertical circulation element and acts as a visual and symbolical marker to the community.

Lawrence:King?s proposals were exhibited in the final 16 shortlisted competition entries at the RIBA Gallery, London in 2002.

2 Whitehorse Yard, 78 Liverpool Road, London, N1 0QD